Saturday, July 20, 2013

How Does Automatic Lifetime Paydays Sound?

How does automatic lifetime paydays sound to you? Isn't it time to live the life of your dreams? You know you want more.

Did you know that most people go through their entire lives living pay check to pay check.  The same old 40 hour work week for years on end and never have enough money to take a nice vacation, cannot effort to eat out, take in a movie or purchase needed items. Are you on the "Anti-Wealth" Plan. Others call it the "40/40/40 Plan." That is, work 40 hours a week for someone for 40 years and retire with $40 in the bank!

Did you know that the U.S. Social Security Board reported that 85 out of 100 Americans won't possess as much as $500 in savings by age 65. And only 2% will be self-sustaining; the rest will be dependent on family, church, or the government!  How sad, it does not have to be this way.

How would you like to receive pay checks long after you have put in the work because as it stands for many now the pay checks stop when we stop working. It is important to understand that you will NEVER acquire real wealth working a 9 to 5 job; trading hours for money is not the way to true wealth and never has been. So we need to do something different then what we are currently doing.

How did the wealthiest people in the world become super rich? They tapped into the power of Residual Income; so can you. This means continuing to receive income month after month, year after year from the work you do once. What a concept!  Can you imagine how wealthy you would be today if the work you did for your employer once kept the pay checks rolling in. Well that is exactly what will happen with Strong Future International. There is nothing so special about the rich except they know how to make money using methods most of us have never heard of...if we knew their secrets and put the same principles they use into action we would also gain riches. the problem is most people are too lazy to even give "the real life" a chance and unfortunately some don't believe they deserve better. Do you deserve better? Do your family deserve better? How hard are you willing to work to give your household what is needed? These are questions only you can answer. If you answer "YES" take a look at Strong Future International; there is no cost to join and you never have to spend a single penny if you don't want too.

A word of caution: This is a LEGITIMATE online business and it must be treated as such or you will not succeed. You will not succeed in any business without effort and determination; the same applies to an online business; therefore, tire kickers need not apply. This is a serious business that will bring automatic lifetime paydays but only if you are willing to put in the work up front.

***In order to ensure that you get off to a fast start; when you join the SFI family I will personally work with you as I am an active member and have build a Team of active workers that are also earning a monthly income. I will help you with the learning curve and make sure you stay on the right track. After you register you will receive a welcome letter from me with my contact information. Please let me know that you enter through my website so I can honor my promise to you.